Blueprint | November 7, 2023
Are Enneagram type Fives more likely to be introverts or extraverts?

5s tend to be the most introverted social types in the Enneagram, with fully nine-tenths of them introverts.

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Introverted 5s

More Common: 90%

  • Classic introverts who prefer to be alone to focus on their interests and hobbies 

  • Personal energy is an important asset that they work hard to avoid depleting

  • If they’re attending social events, they’ll want a clear understanding of the schedule

  • Enjoy being on the periphery, observing or talking to a few people

  • Never want to be put on the spot or pushed to participate

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Extraverted 5s

Less Common: 10%

  • Tend to have a dominant Social instinct and may resemble Ones, Sevens, or Eights

  • Use their knowledge and skills to educate others in their sphere

  • Energized by acting as gurus who improve circumstances for their community

  • Love debating philosophical or abstract ideas

  • May come across as very opinionated & intense

For reference, here’s how 5s stack up to all the other types:

Chart comparing introversion/extraversion ratios for different Enneagram types. Type 8: 22% introverts, 78% extraverts. Type 9: 71% introverts, 29% extraverts. Type 1: 73% introverts, 26% extraverts. Type 2: 44% introverts, 56% extraverts. Type 3: 24% introverts, 76% extraverts. Type 4: 78% introverts, 22% extraverts. Type 5: 90% introverts, 10% extraverts. Type 6: 52% introverts, 48% extraverts. Type 7: 12% introverts, 88% extraverts.