Blueprint | November 7, 2023
Are Enneagram type Fours more likely to be introverts or extraverts?

4s tend to be one of the more introverted social types in the Enneagram, with almost four-fifths of them introverts.

A woman painting looks out the window at a snowy landscape

Introverted 4s

More Common: 78%

  • Highly creative; able to tap into natural beauty and intuition

  • Sensitive, self-aware, and in touch with their individuality

  • Seek out an ideal daily routine that will not deplete them

  • Introspective; gain energy from inhabiting their own inner world

  • May feel overwhelmed and exhausted by unexpected surprises

A small group holds a picnic in beautiful woods

Extraverted 4s

Less Common: 22%

  • Tend to have a dominant Social instinct and may resemble Ones or Sixes

  • Explore identity through more external means, like events & interest-groups

  • Gain energy from being around special people who truly see them

  • Want to feel included in high society, but still keep a unique distance from it

  • May get more caught up in social comparison

For reference, here’s how 4s stack up to all the other types:

Chart comparing introversion/extraversion ratios for different Enneagram types. Type 8: 22% introverts, 78% extraverts. Type 9: 71% introverts, 29% extraverts. Type 1: 73% introverts, 26% extraverts. Type 2: 44% introverts, 56% extraverts. Type 3: 24% introverts, 76% extraverts. Type 4: 78% introverts, 22% extraverts. Type 5: 90% introverts, 10% extraverts. Type 6: 52% introverts, 48% extraverts. Type 7: 12% introverts, 88% extraverts.