Blueprint | November 6, 2023
Are Enneagram type Ones more likely to be introverts or extraverts?

1s tend to be one of the more introverted social types in the Enneagram, with almost three-quarters of them introverts.

Girl reading a book, with a world map behind her

Introverted 1s

More Common: 73%

  • Self-disciplined, reserved, observant, and respectful of standards

  • Tend to be big readers & writers; may have more creative hobbies

  • Most energized and in control when they’re checking off their responsibilities

  • Direct their high standards toward improving themselves

  • Their innate desire to correct problems can make social situations draining 

Man and woman strolling the streets of Europe, arm in arm

Extraverted 1s

Less Common: 26%

  • Tend to have a dominant Relational instinct and may resemble Fours or Eights

  • Outgoing, talkative, and friendly

  • More active and adventure-seeking, with a noticeable fiery spirit

  • Seek to have a strong impact on others

  • Focus on reforming others’ behavior or opinions according to their own values

For reference, here’s how 1s stack up to all the other types:

Chart comparing introversion/extraversion ratios for different Enneagram types. Type 8: 22% introverts, 78% extraverts. Type 9: 71% introverts, 29% extraverts. Type 1: 73% introverts, 26% extraverts. Type 2: 44% introverts, 56% extraverts. Type 3: 24% introverts, 76% extraverts. Type 4: 78% introverts, 22% extraverts. Type 5: 90% introverts, 10% extraverts. Type 6: 52% introverts, 48% extraverts. Type 7: 12% introverts, 88% extraverts.