Blueprint | November 6, 2023
Are Enneagram type Threes more likely to be introverts or extraverts?

3s tend to be one of the more extraverted social types in the Enneagram, with more than 75% of them being extraverts.

An elegant woman sits at her desk, either writing or making art

Introverted 3s

Less Common: 24%

  • Tend to have a dominant Self-Preservation instinct and may resemble Ones or Eights

  • More humble and reserved

  • May spread themselves thin by putting so much of themselves into their productivity 

  • Focus on building security & providing value for loved ones

  • Often establish an identity through hard work

Two couples sit sipping tea and laughing at a ski lodge

Extraverted 3s

More Common: 76%

  • Charming, magnetic, and persuasive

  • Have a knack for making others feel seen and special

  • Sense what important people around them want to see

  • Highly adaptable based on what others expect

  • Adventurous and fun-loving with an ability to make things happen

For reference, here’s how 3s stack up to all the other types:

Chart comparing introversion/extraversion ratios for different Enneagram types. Type 8: 22% introverts, 78% extraverts. Type 9: 71% introverts, 29% extraverts. Type 1: 73% introverts, 26% extraverts. Type 2: 44% introverts, 56% extraverts. Type 3: 24% introverts, 76% extraverts. Type 4: 78% introverts, 22% extraverts. Type 5: 90% introverts, 10% extraverts. Type 6: 52% introverts, 48% extraverts. Type 7: 12% introverts, 88% extraverts.