Blueprint | November 16, 2023
What is each Enneagram type's goal at work?

What is each Enneagram type generally trying to achieve in the workplace? Here we give a quick overview of each type's goals!

Goals. 1: quality, 2: reciprocity, 3: recognition, 4: identity, 5: mastery, 6: predictability, 7: stimulation, 8: power, 9: cohesion


Power: Eights aim to have control & influence.

  • Want to own “their domain”; gives them clarity and efficiency
  • Like being asked to weigh-in on decisions and be seen as a leader
  • Can be sucked into dominance struggles if they feel threatened


Cohesion: Nines aim to create peace among coworkers.

  • Able to understand differing communication styles, concerns, & values
  • May give unbiased overviews or ask questions to align perspectives
  • Might struggle for stand up for their own beliefs and ideas


Quality: Ones aim for quality in order to feel good & have an impact.

  • Often go the extra mile to please themselves and others
  • Tend to produce high-quality deliverables no matter the task
  • Can lean too far towards perfectionism at the expense of other output


Reciprocity: Twos aim to create mutually beneficial relationships.

  • Enables them to add value and influence decision-making
  • Love when people treat each other with kindness and respect
  • May do things for others so people feel obliged to return the favor


Recognition: Threes aim to be acknowledged to boost their self-esteem.

  • Want to be recognized for their intelligence, achievements, and value
  • Look to stand out by being the ebst at what they do
  • Can become envious of coworkers outperforming or outearning them


Identity: Fours aim to discover who they are and share it with others.

  • On a never-ending mission to find meaning in and out of work
  • Don't need their jobs to 100% define them, but do want to feel aligned
  • Can become frustrated and quit jobs if they aren't fulfilling


Mastery: Fives aim to be experts in their domain.

  • Not satisfied merely being good or competent; look to achieve mastery
  • The more they learn, the more they humbly realize they don't know
  • May obsess about having the time and resources to get things perfect


Predictability: Sixes aim to know what's expected of them.

  • Want to know what's coming, so they can prepare and deliver results
  • Love orgnized plans, clear goals, agendas in advance, and routines
  • May have unreasonable expectations around having certainty


Stimulation: Sevens aim to keep their minds engaged.

  • Desire for fast pace, complexity, evolving missions, and excitement
  • Tend to thrive in high-pressure situations because they embrace chaos
  • May be impatient, or downplay setbacks that need to be addressed