Blueprint | November 27, 2023
Enneagram types as Pokemon

If each type were a Pokemon, which one would they be? Here's our lighthearted take on applying the Enneagram to a timeless TV show and card game.

Dragonair Pokemon card

Type 1: Dragonair

Dragonair goes through three major evolutions of self-improvement and growth. It maintains a stately, upright posture when sitting still, yet holds an immense amount of energy in its body, only discharging it when it chooses to. Dragonair has a benign nature, emitting a gentle aura that gives it a mystical appearance.

Jigglypuff Pokemon card

Type 2: Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff evolves in the presence of strong, lasting friendships, and gets annoyed when people ignore it. Jigglypuff can disarm and influence others with its soothing voice and mesmerizing eyes. Using a targeted lullaby, Jigglypuff adjusts its voice to fit its listeners’ minds, helping unburden and relax them.

Ditto Pokemon card

Type 3: Ditto

Convincingly transforming into any other Pokemon, Ditto is highly malleable and can get along with almost anyone. It's unrestricted by shape or form when choosing which identity to adopt and how to present itself. Ditto can transform into an exact replica of any physical object or living creature, taking on its form and abilities.

Cubone Pokemon card

Type 4: Cubone

Cubone evolves once it comes to terms with its inner turmoil. It tragically wears the skull of its dead mother. With withdrawn feelings, Cubone mourns its losses deeply, unafraid of the dark emotions within and becoming stronger from tragedy. Cubone has sad dreams that make it cry—but crying improves its stats.

Porygon Pokemon card

Type 5: Porygon

Made entirely out of code and adept in cyberspace, Porygon is a research machine that doesn't need to eat or breathe (or at least can forget to). It is skilled at seeking out, identifying, and targeting suspicious information and has built-in self-protection, heavily resistant to others trying to tamper with it.

Eevee Pokemon card

Type 6: Eevee

Eevee evolves when in a loyal bond with its trainer. Playful, curious, and well-meaning, Eevee comes in complex variations and can evolve into eight very different forms from a single starting place; it contains lots of diversity. Eevee is also known for its resilience—adjusting to various environments and situations—and for its determination and will.

Pikachu Pokemon card

Type 7: Pikachu

Pikachu amplifies its surroundings with its energy and independence. Friendly and stimulating with a dynamic spirit, Pikachu is fun and energetic, equipped with literal lightning rods that light up the room (and dislikes anyone raining on its parade). Pikachu can get feisty, but returns to its normal, positive state quickly.

Machamp Pokemon card

Type 8: Machamp

Determined, tenacious, and a strong fighter, Machamp struggles to behave delicately. It invests in strength, dedicated to making itself powerful (as evidenced by its four beefy arms and back abs). It leds with immense power, able to deliver multiple punches in a second or move mountains with a single hand.

Snorlax Pokemon card

Type 9: Snorlax

Known for being extremely laid-back and loving sleep, Snorlax is an easygoing and relaxed fan favorite. Snorlax possesses high boundaries and is an immovable object, often blocking others’ progress and refusing to budge; it shows awe-inspiring power at times. It has a Zen mindset, often found in the mountains and forests, and has a strong connection to nature.