Blueprint | March 6, 2022
Love is Blind: Season 2 cast Enneagram types

Netflix just wrapped up season two of their smash hit reality dating show, “Love is Blind,” and it was quite an emotional roller coaster. Singles have deep conversations through walls as they try to find their ideal match. They propose without seeing each other and meet for the first time as an engaged couple. As insane as this process sounds, it’s yielded some successes . Personality and compatibility are always important in dating, but they gain even more significance when looks aren’t a factor.

We’re examining the core season 2 casts’ (the ones who made it beyond Mexico; sorry Kyle and Shaina) personality types using the Enneagram here, showing which cues we think are most important in identifying their types, the motivations underlying their actions, and more. The Enneagram type that we’ve assigned to each person is our best guess, given our observation of their speech, body language, and choices. We’ll explain which type we think they are and why, using examples when relevant.

Note that type descriptions below come from Blueprint, our Enneagram app . And of course, spoilers for season two of Love is Blind are up ahead.

What Enneagram type is Abhishek (“Shake”) Chatterjee ?

Our best guess for Shake is a low-health Three with a Four wing (the Professional): the Professional is success-oriented, efficient, suave, diplomatic, persistent, competitive, impersonal, dismissive, and arrogant. They are industrious and high-achieving, but can be pompous and deceitful.

We’ll start with the villain of season 2, Shake. In defense of Professionals everywhere, let’s be clear that Shake is a low-health Three with a Four wing. His behaviors represent the worst of this type, not the norm.

Low-health Threes are extremely image-conscious and tend to focus on shallow indicators of success or attractiveness. From the moment the viewer meets Shake, it’s clear that his criteria for falling in love are surface-level: whether a woman can fit into a tiny dress, or climb on his (also tiny) shoulders at a music festival. It appears that what he likes most about Deepti is how likable she is to others, as if winning her over is a form of external validation. As the hosts point out on the reunion, it feels like Shake applied to be on the wrong show.

In the spirit of almost all Professionals, Shake is very career-oriented. He’s a veterinarian—his Instagram handle is @ThePuppyDoc—and he’s the only cast member who talks repeatedly about his career, despite others having high-profile jobs (like Natalie, who’s a consultant). When Deepti asks him questions about what their married life could be, he focuses her back on the importance of the next few years in opening his own office and the amount of work it’ll take. He mentions being stressed about work often and always being on his phone. Low-health Professionals tend to obsess over their work, often using it as a proxy for their identities. They feel that they are what they do, and there’s no separating their work output from their sense of value as a person.

Threes often struggle to be vulnerable, and Professionals especially can maintain a veneer that’s tough for others to penetrate. Shake’s behavior fits this category; he tells Deepti in the pods that “Nobody knows me the way you do. I’ve never been this open with anybody else.” And when she’s the one to reject him at the altar, he immediately acts as if he hasn’t suffered any kind of insult (despite being told “no” in front of his family and friends). He turns to the camera, smiling, and says, “I want to get back into my fitness routine, and I have reservations at Nobu on Sunday, so things are going to be good.” 

The entire cast and the hosts call out Shake’s behavior at the reunion for being narcissistic and tone-deaf. One of his first comments is “I’m nervous about how we get edited,” which ends up being prophetic because he goes on to act like a complete embarrassment (and no editing is needed to produce that effect). It’s a train wreck from the start, from him hitting on Vanessa Lachey to comparing marriage to an “expensive purchase.” He’s fixated on his image, yet lacks the self-awareness to see that he’s his own worst enemy. He proceeds to dig his own reputational grave for the whole episode. It’s painful to watch, but it makes for great TV.

What Enneagram type is Deepti Vempati ?

Our best guess for Deepti is a Two with a Three wing (the Host): the Host is radiant, sociable, giving, capable, cultivating, flattering, saccharine, intrusive, and manipulative. They are energetic and joyful relationship-builders, but can be attention-seeking and histrionic.

Twos are other-focused people who gain their sense of self from being loved and needed. They like to play a supporting role to a capable and competent person, and they want to feel appreciated in return. Deepti puts it directly when she says “I want to be wanted.” Of course, the primary problem in her and Shake’s relationship is that he says he doesn’t want her, at least not in a physical way. That sort of rejection is often devastating for a Two, but Deepti takes it in stride.

Deepti comes off as sweet, caring, and affectionate. She’s lovable with lots of love to give. Almost everyone on set for the reunion defended her and spoke highly of her. It’s evident in how the cast interacts with her that she made a lot of legitimate friendships. 

It can be a challenge for Twos to put themselves first and advocate for their own needs, but healthy Twos know that it needs to be done. Deepti showed healthy Two behavior when she chose herself at the altar by recognizing her own worth and rejecting Shake.

What Enneagram type is Jarette Jones ?

Our best guess for Jarette is an Eight with a Seven wing (the Maverick): the Maverick is enterprising, bold, dynamic, assertive, straight-talking, defiant, over-reactive, forceful, and contentious. They are independent non-conformists who blaze trails, but can be overly combative and explosive.

Eights resist showing weakness. Yet it took Jarette suffering a near-death experience (getting stabbed a year prior) to lower his guard and make him realize that he didn’t want to be alone the next time he was hurt. It seemed that trauma put him on the path to becoming serious in his quest for love.

Eights value strength, both in themselves and others. Whenever anyone asks Jarette why Iyanna stood out to him, he continually mentions her resilience. She overcame tough life situations and emerged better for it. As we’ll discuss more in Iyanna’s section, Nines (her likely type) have a quiet inner strength that Eights tend to respect.

Although Jarette and Iyanna got off to a rocky start when he proposed to Mallory first, he quickly directed his energy toward developing his relationship with Iyanna. He recognized that he chose someone who was too similar to him (Mallory), instead of someone who complemented him and would make him better (Iyanna). Later he describes he and Iyanna as opposites and says that’s why the relationship works. Eights can teach Nines to advocate more strongly for themselves and say “no,” while Nines can teach Eights to be more patient and have more empathy. It’s a very common pairing.

Mavericks are known for being entrepreneurial, and that exact word is how Jarette describes himself. He has multiple businesses and isn’t afraid to take risks in starting them. They also tend to be confident and raw in how they speak, not self-censoring or thinking about the optimal way to say something. Jarette says what he thinks, swears a lot, and doesn’t seem to analyze what he’s about to say. When Iyanna asks him how confident he is a week before their wedding, he says “I’m an 8 out of 10.” He could have put it at a 10 to make her feel better, but he gave what appeared to be an honest—if less than perfect—assessment. Even his Instagram bio is very Eight: “Always be you… Never compromise!”

Lastly, Eights love a good fight. We didn’t see much conflict between Jarette and Iyanna on the show, but Jarette went for the jugular with Shake on the reunion. Jarette said, “You’ve been the fakest person from the beginning,” and “You came on here for all the wrong reasons and everyone can see how shallow you are.” Eights love authenticity, and low-health Threes tend to be highly inauthentic (and therefore particularly irritating to Eights).

What Enneagram type is Iyanna McNeely ?

Our best guess for Iyanna is a Nine with a One wing (the Dreamer): the Dreamer is imaginative, synthesizing, modest, patient, accommodating, habitual, dissociating, neglectful, and indignant. They are easygoing diplomats attuned to many perspectives, but can be deflective and unrealistic.

Dreamers have a calming presence with a rich inner world. They often have a dreamy smile on their faces. And although they are peaceful, they have strong inner boundaries and values. Iyanna embodies the Dreamer with her quiet, cute, and observant nature, paired with her intense resilience to overcome a series of tragedies in her early life. 

Nines may appear to be pushovers at times, but they often retain an internal stubbornness while agreeing for the sake of harmony. She states her expectations about Jarette continuing to go out late multiple nights a week and says that he needs to demonstrate through his actions that he’s willing to change; talk alone is not enough. She also tells Jarette that she’s big on observation and body language, and that if she feels like she spots something she doesn’t like in the moment, she’ll hold onto it and confront it later. It’s not that she won’t engage in conflict, but that she’ll do it in a context that she’s comfortable with.

Nines are highly empathetic and feel others’ points of view strongly. Nearly every time another cast member deals with something emotionally difficult in Iyanna’s presence, you can spot her tearing up. Of course other types can (and do) have empathy, but the quiet and consistent way that she appears to feel for others fits with the profile of the Nine.

What Enneagram type is Mallory Zapata ?

Our best guess for Mallory is a Four with a Three wing (the Aristocrat): the Aristocrat is sophisticated, distinctive, lively, expressive, sensitive, extravagant, depleted, envious, and self-punishing. They are aesthetically astute and dramatic individuals, but can be difficult and disdainful.

It’s a little harder to get a read on Mallory than some of the other contestants. Salvador seems to feel the same way, saying that he didn’t feel heard or appreciated by her. Fours are feelings-driven people, but Aristocrats’ 3-wings help keep their emotions more in check than Fours with a Five wing (Bohemians). Mal seemed sentimental but also as if she was holding back, aware that she was on TV. It’s accurate; you can’t really blame her.

Drama does seem to follow Fours, especially those in average levels of health. And Mal certainly seemed to be at the center of a lot of this season’s drama. Her conversation with Jarette in Mexico about nearly choosing each other in the pods did little more than create controversy, and when Sal confronted her about it, she made it seem like he was in the wrong for being worried. She went back and forth on her feelings for Sal; it seemed like the smallest interaction could flip her intention to get married. The couple referenced having frequent arguments. Mal’s parents weren’t present for the show, suggesting their lack of approval, and Mal introduced Salvador to her sister, Tiffany, despite her obvious discomfort with the situation.

Fours want to be their real selves and to freely express the deep and meaningful aspects of themselves. This desire fits with Mallory’s statement that she values that “my truest self and my most vulnerable self” can come out around Sal. They also like to be pursued and romanced, which aligns with her seeming to love Sal’s sweeping romantic gestures like writing her songs and cooking her dinner. She repeatedly tells him, “You make me feel special.” For a Four, feeling special is everything.

Lastly, Fours tend to focus on what’s missing in their lives. They often have “grass is greener” syndrome, envying what others have or feeling like their own attributes or possessions are not enough. It’s ironic that Jarette focused on Mallory getting a silver engagement ring from Sal when she’d stated in the pods that she wanted a gold one. Maybe Jarette intuited that her personality type is likely to pine for the ideal. And Aristocrats in particular tend to have signature, eye-catching accessories, so getting the “wrong” ring would feel especially uncomfortable to Mal if she were a 4w3.

What Enneagram type is Salvador Perez ?

Our best guess for Salvador is a Two with a One wing (the Altruist): the Altruist is loving, compassionate, encouraging, devoted, well-intentioned, serving, worrying, guilt-ridden, and passive-aggressive. They are warm-hearted and truly charitable, but can be self-critical and victimized.

Salvador radiates attentiveness and kindness, both strong Two traits. More than anyone else on the show, he works to delight and surprise his romantic partner. Songs, flowers, and dinners are just a few of his tactics. You get the sense that he’s wired to be in service to others and truly enjoys doing so. His Instagram bio says that he’s an executive assistant, a role that tracks with a Two personality because it centers on helping and enabling another person.

Twos are feelings-oriented types who experience the world primarily through their emotions. Sal wears his heart on his sleeve, expressing love and sadness often. He isn’t afraid to shed tears. There’s a bit of tension between the Two’s desire to share feelings and the One’s desire to do the right thing and/or remain composed, which is visible in the reunion when Sal says that he didn’t feel heard by Mallory but won’t elaborate further. It feels like he really wants to vent about their troubles, but doesn’t feel like it’s the moral thing to do.

What Enneagram type is Shayne Jansen ?

Our best guess for Shayne is a Six with a Seven wing (the Buddy): the Buddy is loyal, playful, affable, responsible, monitoring, cautious, ingratiating, suspicious, and defensive. They are lighthearted community-builders who unite others, but can be panicky and complaining.

If you only saw a couple of clips of Shayne, you might think he’s a Seven: he’s brimming with energy and enthusiasm and he’s super extroverted. But his constant checking-in behavior, admissions that he’s always nervous, and immense need for reassurance strongly suggest that he’s a Six. 

Shayne is likely engaging in strong wing-masking behavior. Wing masking is a phenomenon where a person leads with the behavior of their wing, rather than their type. This usually occurs subconsciously and in situations where they don’t feel entirely comfortable being themselves. 

Researchers believe that people subconsciously engage in wing masking to protect themselves in insecure situations. It’s less damaging to one’s sense of self if they lead with the behavior of their wing and someone rejects them, than if they lead with their base type’s behavior (which is the more “real them”) and experience the same rejection.

Being the subject of a reality show certainly qualifies for one such uncomfortable situation, and Shayne talks repeatedly about his fear of rejection. The Six’s core desire for support and security seems to fit him much more closely than the Seven’s desire to be happy. He makes continual statements about wanting to feel safe and affirmed by Natalie (e.g., “Natalie asserted herself, and she just made me feel so safe and secure, and that’s what I wanted”), at one point causing her to even joke about it. He also seems to have an intense, viscerally negative reaction to being blamed, getting aggressive and storming off when he’s put on the spot for doing something wrong, which many Sixes have. 

Shayne says that what separated Natalie from the other women was her self-confidence, decisiveness, and direct statements that he was her number one choice. He talks a lot about trust and feeling safe, and since Sixes doubt themselves and their decisions, they tend to appreciate romantic partners who act with determination. If Natalie is a One (as we suspect she is), she’s exactly this sort of driven persona. 

Lastly, Sixes (along with Fours and Eights) are reactive types. In conflict, they expect others to rise to the level of their intensity, acknowledge it, and meet it. Shayne reflects on himself at the reunion that “I have to get better at not being so reactive to certain situations.” It’s a statement that shows some self-awareness, as it aligns closely to a core Six principle.

What Enneagram type is Natalie Lee ?

Our best guess for Natalie is a One with a Two wing (the Advocate): the Advocate is warm, passionate, principled, improving, moralizing, self-controlled, inflexible, nitpicky, and judgmental. They are thoughtful and purposeful drivers of change, but can be bitter and self-righteous.

Natalie comes off as organized and self-controlled, but warm and loving at the same time. You can tell that she chooses her words carefully, wanting to be precise, which is a hallmark trait of Ones. They also tend to dress in an appropriate way, always looking polished and careful not to show too much skin. Natalie’s very classic, yet stunning, wedding dress choice fits this style.

During the bachelorette party, Natalie’s friends reveal how she used to find the tiniest things wrong with guys. Ones can be critical and nitpicky, both with others and themselves. It’s evident on “Love is Blind” that she’s working hard to compromise with Shayne and not be overly judgmental. But the sheer amount of reassurance that he needs (or “fishing for compliments,” as she calls it) becomes a problem for the couple. Shayne wanted visible, frequent signs of affection, whereas Ones like Natalie tend to keep their displays of affection less sweeping or public.

Natalie says that she likes Shane because he’s so different from her and has what she lacks (namely confidence). But as we discussed above, Shayne’s confidence is likely the result of wing-masking; it’s not entirely real. He’s highly anxious and presented as something that he’s not. As such, it’s not surprising that their relationship failed at the altar. And sticking to one’s principles, as Natalie did by saying “no,” is something that’s important to Ones.

What Enneagram type is Nick Thompson ?

Our best guess for Nick is a One with a Two wing (the Advocate): the Advocate is warm, passionate, principled, improving, moralizing, self-controlled, inflexible, nitpicky, and judgmental. They are thoughtful and purposeful drivers of change, but can be bitter and self-righteous.

At first we thought Nick was a Two because he’s attentive, doting, and receptive towards Danielle’s feelings. Plus he seems to have a penchant for gossiping, as many Twos do. But as the episodes went on, we started to see an intensity and simmering anger beneath his behavior that fits more closely with a One. It’s likely that he has a strong Two wing, however.

Ones, Nines, and Eights are all Instinct types who have anger as their primary negative emotion. They all handle it in different ways, but Ones tend to repress it and seethe with frustration beneath a controlled surface. Nick seems to be fighting back anger in a lot of his altercations with Danielle, as if his patience is running thin. 

His anger is also most apparent when he introduces Danielle to his family, and his sister rudely puts him down by asking Danielle how she deals with Nick’s “anal-retentive” personality and obsessive need to take two showers a day. It’s clear that he uses as much self-control as he can muster to signal the inappropriateness of her comments and deny them without losing his cool.  

Ones are polite and tend not to cross boundaries without permission, which aligns with Danielle’s commentary that sometimes he’s “too respectful” with her, like asking permission before he was physical with her in the beginning. Nick also comes across as intense and somewhat uptight when he’s stressed. He’s a bit of a clean freak and seems worried about the amount of Danielle’s clothes, the clutter in her house, and her semi-immature hobbies. 

Even his instagram bio sounds like a One because of his focus on signaling his integrity: “Love is Blind S2. Humanist. People over Profit. Activist. Product & Brand Marketing. Cold Brew Coffee. Bears. Bulls. Cubs. No GMO's. Be Relevant.”

What Enneagram type is Danielle Ruhl ?

Our best guess for Danielle is a phobic Six with a Seven wing (the Buddy): the Buddy is loyal, playful, affable, responsible, monitoring, cautious, ingratiating, suspicious, and defensive. They are lighthearted community-builders who unite others, but can be panicky and complaining.

We believe that Danielle is a Six with a Seven wing like Shayne. It’s a good illustration of how two different people of the same subtype can look when they approach their worries in different ways. Sixes tend to have two opposite coping responses to fear: the natural response, called phobic, is characterized by self-doubt, acquiescing to authority, staying out of the spotlight, depending on others for support, and avoiding confrontations. 

In contrast, Sixes experiencing a counterphobic response lean into their fear and face it directly; they tend to project confidence, question or even challenge authority, fight for their independence, lead with skepticism, and provoke disputes. All Sixes are a mix of both, the common denominator being an underlying sense of fear and anxiety, but it looks like Shayne is often counterphobic, whereas Danielle is mostly phobic.

Danielle is open about her high levels of anxiety. She has an anxious attachment style and needs constant reassurance. Despite her awareness that she’s an overthinker, she can’t seem to get out of her own way. Her mind jumps to worst-case scenarios automatically, such as when she’s getting ready for her wedding and says she’s excited, but laments that “This could be the worst day of my life.” She also says, “I don’t want to get too excited about him saying yes, because what if he doesn’t?”

Sixes tend to be extremely uncomfortable with uncertainty. The crux of her arguments with Nick is that she overanalyzes what he says, reading too much into things, and then seeks reassurance that everything is okay. Nick isn’t always able to provide that, because the existence of the argument itself makes him angry. As with Natalie and Shayne, the Six tends to be indecisive and value the One for taking action. Danielle says on the altar that “I am the most indecisive person in the world” before saying that her decision to marry Nick is the only one she’s been sure about.

We think Danielle has a Seven wing, rather than a Five wing, because she has a clear fun-loving side. She’s hesitant to reveal her true self for fear of rejection, but over time she was willing to show Nick her love of costumes, Rock Band, and dancing on tables with her friends. She leads much more with her base type than Shayne does, which is likely a combination of him being more extroverted and counterphobic.